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    State Bar of Wisconsin PINNACLE CLE OnDemand combines the quality of PINNACLE institutes and seminars with the ease of watching a video when and where you want. CLE OnDemand allows you to stop, start, and rewind segments as you wish, and is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, eliminating travel time and expense, while still earning CLE credits.​

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Pitfalls Under the Wisconsin Trust Account Rule - 2013General Practice, New LawyerOn Demand$99 / $119
PODs in Estate Planning and Probate Litigation: Avoiding the Pitfalls - 2013Elder. Estate Planning, ProbatOn Demand$79 / $99
Practical Use of Pretrial Scheduling Orders in Family Court - 2013 Civil Litigation, Family On Demand$79 / $99
Practicing Law in the New Economy: Providing Limited Scope Representation When Clients Don't Think They Need More - 2013 Family, General PracticeOn Demand$79 / $99
Public Records, Open Meetings Update - 2013Communications/Media, MunicipaOn Demand$189 / $219
Public Records, Open Meetings Update - 2014Civil Rights,Criminal,Flash,MuOn Demand$189 / $219
Public Utilities & Municipalities: Who's in Control? - 2014Consumer,Energy/Public Util/TeOn Demand$219 / $249
Recognizing and Litigating Consumer Protection Claims - 2013Consumer, Contracts, On Demand$219 / $249
Recognizing and Litigating Consumer Protection Claims - 2014Business/Corporate,Civil LitigOn Demand$219 / $249
Regulating Off-Duty Conduct: Social Media, Use of Lawful Products, and Employee Rights away from the Workplace - 2013Bankruptcy/Corporate, Civil LiOn Demand$99 / $119
Reservation of Rights Letters and Defense Handling After Maxwell - 2013Business/Corporate, Civil LitiOn Demand$79 / $99
Retaliation Claims Under Sarbanes-Oxley & Dodd-Frank - 2013Business/Corporate, Criminal, On Demand$79 / $99
Rough Seas: Navigating School Discipline Law - 2014Criminal,Family,Flash,SchoolOn Demand$129 / $149
Same-Sex Marriage in Wisconsin: Past, Present & Future - 2013Civil Rights, Estate Planning,On Demand$99 / $119
Sexual Harassment: Recognizing, Preventing and Litigating Claims - 2014Business/Corporate, Civil LitiOn Demand$219 / $249
Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity in the Workplace - 2014Civil Rights,Diversity,Flash,GOn Demand$99 / $119
Shelter From the Storm: Domestic Abuse & Family Law - 2014CHIPS/JIPS/TPR,Family,Flash,GeOn Demand$219 / $249
Social Media and the Law - 2014Flash,Intellectual Property,TeOn Demand$149 / $169
Succession Planning: A Blinding Flash of the ObviousGeneral Practice, Practice ManOn Demand$99 / $119
Tax and Tax Fraud Issues in Family Law - 2013Family, TaxOn Demand$189 / $219
Tax Aspects of the Affordable Care Act - 2013Flash, Probate, Real Estate, TOn Demand$189 / $219
Tech Talk: Innovation, Technology and the Law - 2013Intellectual Property, TechnolOn Demand$129 / $149
Termination of Representation Letters and Other Client CommunicationsFlash, General PracticeOn Demand$99 / $119
The ABC's of Extradition - 2013Alternative Dispute Res., CiviOn Demand$99 / $119
The Affordable Care Act: Employer Checklist for 2013 Labor/Employment On Demand$79 / $99
The Battle for Your Vote: Election Law in Wisconsin - 2013Labor/EmploymentOn Demand$219 / $249
The New Wisconsin Trust Code - 2014Estate Planning, FlashOn Demand$79 / $99
The Role of GALs in Chapter 48 Cases: CHIPS & TPR - 2013CHIPS/JIPS/TPR, Family, GuardiOn Demand$189 / $219
The Wisconsin Trust Code - 2014Elder, Estate Planning, FamilyOn Demand$219 / $249
To Plea or Not to Plea: Wisconsin's Insanity Defense - 2013Civil litigation, CriminalOn Demand$219 / $249
Trending Topics in Business Litigation - 2013Business/Corporate, Civil LitiOn Demand$219 / $249
Trouble with Marriage: The Long and Short of it - Divorce Through Life's Phases - 2014Alternative Dispute Res., CHIPOn Demand$219 / $249
Two Must-Have New Rules for Managing E-Discovery: Inadvertent, Disclosure and Clawback - 2013Business/Corporate, Civil LitiOn Demand$79 / $99
Understanding Domestic Violence: The GAL & The Court System - 2013Family, Guardian ad LitemOn Demand$79 / $99
Valid Screening for Continued Representation Under the Rules of Professional Conduct - 2014Flash, General PracticeOn Demand$99 / $119
What Predicts Successful Shared Custody - 2013Bankruptcy, Family, Guardian aOn Demand$79 / $99
What To Do When No One is Hiring: Career Options for Lawyers - 2014Career,Flash,General Practice,On Demand$79 / $99
When Elder Law Meets Probate - 2014Estate Planning,Flash,General On Demand$79 / $99
Whistleblowing Cases Involving the IRS - 2013Business/Corporate, Criminal, On Demand$79 / $99
Whistleblowing Cases Involving the SEC - 2013Business/Corporate, Criminal, On Demand$79 / $99
Wisconsin Jury Symposium: Views from Civil and Criminal Trial Lawyers - 2013Civil Litigation, Criminal, EvOn Demand$219 / $249
Wisconsin's New Manufacturing & Agriculture Tax - 2014Agricultural, Business/CorporaOn Demand$79 / $99
Wisconsin's New Mortgage Satisfaction Law - 2014Estate Planning,Flash,General On Demand$79 / $99
Wisconsin's Wetland Reform Act -2013Construction, Environmental, MOn Demand$79 / $99
WisPACT Update - 2013 Elder, Estate Planning, FamilyOn Demand$199 / $229
WisPACT Update 2014Elder,Estate Planning,Family,FOn Demand$219 / $249
Wrongful Death Claims: Navigating the Intersection of Tort and Probate Law - 2013Civil Litigation, Estate PlannOn Demand$79 / $99
Year in Review: Key Wisconsin Coverage Cases in 2012Business/Corporate, Civil LitiOn Demand$79 / $99
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